Storage Tanks and De-icing Systems

Storage tanks are containers that hold liquids, Chicago Salt Company Inc. specializes in storage tanks for the liquid icing industry. Our storage tanks store anti icing chemicals. Our storage tanks hold calcium chloride, sodium chloride or organic chemicals for long-term storage. Storage tanks come in many sizes. We also rent storage tanks. E mail us for rental quotes [email protected]
Determining the size of the tank and the makeup composition of the tank has many factors to consider such as.
1. How many gallons of a particular liquid do I use a year?
2. How much is the weight of the product?
3. How much space do I have?
4. How often can supplier supply me?
5. What is the lead time for supplier?
6. The amount of funds that can be budgeted.

1. Lane miles and gallons per lane mile will provide a starting point. If you lay 1000 tons of salt a year and the formula calls for 20 gallons a ton then you multiply the tons 1000 x the gallons 20= 20,000 gallons per year.
2. The weight of the product varies with the manufacture supplying the liquid. A (SDS or MSDS) will provide you with the weight of the product.
3. The space you will need will depend on how many tanks you want and how many tanks you may expand to in the future. One 6200-gallon tank takes up 100 square feet of ground space.
4. Most supplier can supply within 7 days unless there are several winter events in a roll. With a 6200 tank you will have 1700 gallons left in tank to continue fighting storms till you receive your load.
5. Most suppliers will ask for 5 days lead time
6. The most economical tank purchase would be a 6200-gallon tank. Theses tanks are shipped to us three at a time and need no extra width permits. For a single tank and pump the cost is around $9500.00 Asphalt pad about $1500.00 Electrical about $1800.00. As you expand the tanks system you only have to add more tanks and the plumbing to each tank with valving is about $1200.00
Our storage tank systems come complete with a 6200-gallon tanks. Our storage tanks come at 1.7 specific gravity. which will accommodate most liquids that are used in the deicing environment. If you are using a concentrated organic you will want to go to 1.9 specific gravity storage tank.
Along with a storage tank you will need a pump to pump liquid into the trucks that are going to be supplying the liquid to the ground. Piping and valving and hoses are all included with our pricing.
All you need to do is install the pad if needed and the electric for the system.
If you need two or more storage tanks, we can plumb in and install all the valving and the pumps and a recirculating system with a timer.
We can automate it from a single box. You pick the liquid you want at the control box say calcium chloride no problem turn the switch marked calcium chloride and the pump valving system will open and close the correct valves in the system. If you want sodium chloride same thing.
We custom design anti icing systems, pre wet systems for all customers.

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