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Chicago Salt Company Inc is the premiere company to go to in the Chicago, IL area for all of your bag salt needs. When the winter comes, make sure your salt supplies are high, so you can deal with the coming ice and snow.

For over 30 years, Chicago Salt Company Inc has been supplying people with bulk salt sales for use as rock salt and road salt. Whether you need a 50-pound bag salt, or enough salt to fill a ship with thousands of tons, we are the place to contact.

Bag salt is great for use in the winter months to combat ice and snow. By mixing salt with ice, it not only lowers its freezing temperature, but it can also melt the ice and snow, so the risk of icy roadways becomes less of a hassle.

Every year, cities pay millions of dollars to keep roadways clear of ice and snow, and a large part of that process is the use of salt to combat freezing water. That is why we offer bulk salt sales, for use on roadways and residential driveways or walkways, to help get rid of pesky ice.

If you call us for bag salt, we can get you the amount you need at a reasonable price. With one quick phone call, we can determine how much you will need and how quickly we can get it to you, so you can plan for the coming months.

If you are in the market for bag salt this winter season, make sure you contact Chicago Salt Company Inc for your entire bag salt needs.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or for your company, we are the place to call when it comes to salt!

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