Anti-Icing / De-Icing / Pre-Wet

Chicago Salt Company Inc. is a leading supplier of blending, storage and application of liquid solutions to fight snow and ice…making clearing roads faster and safer for drivers. Use 30% to 50% LESS Road Salt with liquid application.

We sell products for;

Anti-Icing -Ant-icing is a proactive measure. Liquid solution is applied to a road surface before a snow and ice event to prevent the hard bond of snow/ice to the surface. Anti-icing operations work up from the road surface. Anti-icing creates a layer between the snow, ice and surface

De-Icing – De-icing is a reactive measure. Liquid solution is applied to a road surface during a snow and ice event to remove the hard bond of snow/ice to the surface. De-icing works from the top of the snow pack down to the roadway surface.

Pre-WetLiquid application to a granular material as it is being applied to the road to speed and accelerate the melting process of snow/ice to the surface. Pre-Wetting will also improve the effectiveness of granular at lower temperatures.

Organic – Organics allow the liquid to stick to the surface. Without this, liquids sprayed on the surface will roll to the gutter. The most common name for organics is BEET JUICE. There are several organic producers out there.

Calcium Chloride – Can be purchased as a powder, bead, flake and a liquid. Its low freezeing point of -32 degrees make this de-icing chemical unique in its liquid form.

Sodium Chloride – Can be purchased as a crystal in various sizes and a liquid. The most common use is thought of as a crystal that we put down with salt spreaders before and during snow storms to facilitate the clearing of the roads with our plows. It takes time for sodium chloride as a crystal to react to snow and create its own brine to get to its maximum reaction. As a liquid its reaction time is immediate. The only problem with sodium chloride is it stops working at 20 degrees. So to keep it working we add more and more until the snow is gone.

THE MIX – By combining Sodium Chloride liquid, calcium chloride liquid and organic liquid we achieve the sticking power and lower the temperature of a liquid product that reacts from 32 degrees all the way down to -30 degrees when and where you put it. The mix puts a layer between the pavement and the ice and snow which makes for easier for snow removal.

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