Chicago Salts Brine System

We at Chicago Salt provide the best and cleanest brine solution for many industry standards.

We supply brine for municipalities, water softening facilities, processing facilities, manufacturing of plastic, oil companies, vinyl manufacturing material, oil and gas industry and food industries with salt brine product, salt, salt storage, brine storage, mixing and loading. Our system can make up to 10,000 gallons per hour at full production. We store over 80,000 gallons on site.

How do we do it.
The feed water is purchased from the local municipality and stored in a storage tank. We also recover rain water from our roof into outside storage tanks. This allows us to have the water on demand at the pressure that we need for our pumps. We can mix up to 200 PSI pressures with our recirculation pumps.

We purchase salt crystals from various suppliers. The salt is added to our brine mixing tank where it is dissolved from crystals to liquid. Once the product ascertains the desired salinity level the system recirculating pumps now become discharge pumps that will transfer the product to storage tanks, right into our mixing tanks to mix different products or right to tanker trucks. We also make custom mixes for anti-icing, deicing and prewet systems for municipalities on an as needed basis. These mixes also have corrosion inhibitors added to slow down the rusting effect that salt has on equipment. We add organics to the solution to provide sticking power to the solution so it stays on the road longer.

Chicago Salt also designs and sets up brine storge systems and brine processing systems. We also rent storge tank to all industries. We provide full tanker load deliver and half tanker load delivers.


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